The purpose of "A Man Divided" is...

1. To simply share my own personal story and life experiences as a Christian who is battling unwanted SSA, and to raise awareness of the reality of SSA in the Christian community.

2. To provide hope and assurance that Christian men and women (or even people of different faiths) are not alone in their struggle against SSA.

3. To provide resources and advice for anyone battling SSA.

The purpose of "A Man Divided" is not...

1. To criticize or slander the LGBTQ communities.

2. To try to force my lifestyle and religious beliefs on others.

3. To claim that I have all the answers, or that I am enlightened, or that I am beyond any fault.

It is my hope that, by sharing my story, other Christian brothers and sisters also struggling with SSA would be encouraged to seek help from their families, friends, local church pastors, counselors, etc. in order to adequately confront their unwanted attractions. It is also my hope that my story would help those in the Christian community who do not struggle with SSA to be better equipped to respond with grace, love, and understanding towards their SSA brothers and sisters.